I'm unable to find my tickets!
You may have your ticket confirmation email resent to you by visiting the following link: https://www.microspec.com/tix123/Resend.cfm

How do we get there?
Driving directions are found HERE. The address for The Park Expo and Conference Center is:
800 Briar Creek Road, Charlotte, NC 28205

Can I take photographs?
Yes. If you would like to take a photograph of a craft, artwork or merchandise, please first ask the permission of the vendor.

Is there a private area for nursing mothers?
Yes. It’s located in Independence Hall near the central lobby.

Is there a coat and package check?
Yes – both. The coat check is located at the main entrance, and the package check is located in the central lobby. Both services are free.

Is there a bag policy?
No, there are no restrictions on bags brought into the show. There are also commemorative bags being sold for $6, proceeds benefit Shriners Hospital for Children.

What's special about Benefit Preview Night?
- You get to be the FIRST to see & shop the show!
- Free parking  
- Special Entertainment  
- Special gift for the first 250 guests
- Free food samples

I bought an Early Bird VIP Ticket, does that give me access to the show all day?
Yes - take your time shopping, you can stay in the show all day!

I bought a Preview Night Ticket but won't be able to attend that day.  May I come another day of the show instead?
Yes – if you are not able to attend on Preview Night, you may enter on any other General Admission day and time.  Just a reminder that the tickets are only available for single-day use.  

I bought an Early Bird VIP Ticket but won't be able that day.  May I come another day of the show instead?
Yes – if you are not able to attend on Early Bird VIP Morning, you may enter on any other General Admission day and time.  Just a reminder that the tickets are only available for single-day use.  

Are there places to rest?
Yes – over 150 benches are spread throughout the show. There’s also seating available at many of the food areas.

I'm looking for a specific vendor. How do I know if they will be there?
If you know the name, you can search the on-line vendor list.

Is there a way to reach an vendor I saw at the show?
You can request more information by visiting their vendor listing.

Can I bring a pet?
Only properly identified service animals are permitted in the show.

Are shopping carts, wagons, and strollers permitted during the show?
Strollers and small pull-behind or push carts are permitted.**  Grocery-size carts and wagons are not permitted. 

*Please note that on Early Bird VIP morning, Saturday, November 16, from 8:00 am - 10:00 am, all wagons, strollers and carts are NOT permitted to enhance the shopping experience for all. *

Are shopping carts or strollers available to rent?
No. Large commemorative shopping bags are available for purchase at the show entrance.

Is there food available at the show?
Yes – plenty. The venue will have cafeteria-style food, as well as concession-style food. There’s also strudel, roasted nuts, hot pretzels, and many more show favorites.

Can I bring food and eat it at the show?
Building rules are that only food purchased on-site may be consumed there. Special accommodations are made for individuals with dietary restrictions.

Any tips for parking?
The biggest tip is this: If you’re approaching The Park Expo and Conference Center from uptown Charlotte, and there is a line of vehicles on Independence Blvd., get out of the line and go on to the next exit. This will bring you to the exit between The Park and Bojangles Arena and will save time.

Parking is available at both The Park Expo and Bojangles Arena. On weekends and holidays, the elementary school on Briar Creek Road also provides parking.

Valet Parking: The Park Expo and Conference Center will offer valet parking for the Southern Christmas Show. This front-door service will allow show guests to pull up right across from the show entrance, and make loading those packages afterward a snap. Valet parking can be purchased at the normal entrances to the main parking lot. The cost is $20. If the main lot is full, there may still be valet parking available, so please let the police officers directing traffic know you want to valet park. Valet parking is not available on Preview Night.

Is there handicapped parking?
Customers must inform the parking attendant that they need or would like handicapped parking. After paying for parking, the attendant will then give instructions on how to get to the handicapped parking area. To ensure your parking, the customer must hang their handicapped placard from the mirror or notify the attendant that the vehicle has a permanent handicapped parking tag. Please keep in mind that handicapped parking is limited, and will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Should all accessible spaces be full, guests will be instructed by a parking attendant on where to park. In the event the lot is full, guests can still request to drop off guests in their car at the front door.

Can I drop people off at the front door?
Yes. If you’re parking at the main lot (The Park), there’s no problem driving to the circle at the front of the show to drop people off. A police officer will give you instructions when you arrive. If the main lot (The Park) is full, let the parking attendant know you would like to drop someone off. They will make arrangements for you.

Is there a day that’s less busy than others?
The Monday and Tuesday of the show are the least busy, but the show does close at 6 pm on both Monday and Tuesday.

Are wheelchairs available?
Yes, standard-size push wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis at the entrance coat check-in Liberty Hall.  You will also be asked to provide a driver’s license, which we will hold until the wheelchair is returned. Wheelchairs may not be reserved. Oversized and motorized wheelchairs are not available, but you are permitted to bring your own. 

Is The Park Expo and Conference Center the same as the Charlotte Merchandise Mart?
Yes – the building changed names several years ago.

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