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Cactus Scratcher
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Company Description:

The Cactus Back Scratcher was launched in 2014 by Jedd Olsen, a General Contractor itching to get out of construction and into product development and manufacturing. Designing new and unique products has always been a dream of his and back scratchers were a natural first choice as he is a compulsive back scratcher. After owning and using many back scratchers and finding that none could do the trick or last long without breaking, he realized a great back scratcher did not exist. Starting with wood and nails (items he obviously had kicking around) he built a very rough prototype trying to get the basic concept down and a year later, he had his design down perfectly.

Aside from the bright colors they offer, the Cactus Back Scratcher has many great features above and beyond the same old back scratchers on the market. The two-handed Original was designed from a new concept in back scratching, using both hands like drying your back off with a towel. This allows the user to apply more pressure, have greater control and make it easier on your shoulders and joints. You can grip the ball handles in front of your body as the straps wrap around your body curves without damaging or snagging your clothes. This allows a perfect scratch all over your back and body. Jedd also realized having two sides, a spiky and mild, gave better options for each user. A couple years after successfully launching the Original, he designed the Stick, the Mini and the Pet Back Scratchers to give a greater variety to all users, even pets.

The Cactus Scratcher’s main object was simple, help relieve your every day itch the best way possible. This goal was achieved relatively simple through careful designs and upgrades but it has become more than that. Almost immediately, the designer noticed how it filled a niche for those with a variety of health issues and medical conditions. A number of buyers who purchased the Cactus Back Scratcher line were from hospital gift shops, drug stores and pharmacies. A good percentage of reviews and purchases come from those suffering from physical limitations, skin conditions, allergic reactions, and good old fashioned itching.

The Cactus Back Scratcher could be seen as a gimmick or novelty item, even being given as white elephants and gag gifts, but it is much more than that. It is a much needed improvement on a product that has been around for so many years but never improved upon. It can be sold in any retail setting as a gift or a compulsive purchase or anywhere in between.

New Products

Cactus Scratcher Telescopic Keychain Back Scratcher, is our one-handed double-sided itch reliever for the back, neck, head, beard, and body. The ultimate gift for men and women. Perfect for travel, hook to your bag or purse for convenience.

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